by Discolor

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released January 1, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Chris Rini
Artwork by Kristin Gates


all rights reserved



Discolor Smithtown, New York

No Shelter -
Out Now

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Track Name: Weathered
Lucid sights
Of a flower in the light
Hallucination gets the best of me at night
An open door
A brand new room
Change your range and then you'll bloom

Weathered is the storm
Cast a shadow
Rain leaves puddles
Just as shallow
I can't hear you calling out my name
And here I am still listening

You say you see the things I don't
But your eyes are always closed
All the things that mattered most
Slowly wither, decompose
Track Name: Blank Canvas
There's a missing piece
In the people that I meet
And I know that it was left
In the place where you and I used to sleep

Memories blend together
Into a dream that you can't remember

What a way to pass the time
Just stare at the blank lines
And wonder why there's nothing written
Consequence of my indecision

I'm bent and broken in every way
I knew it was coming but refused to count the days
You're a constant reminder of everything that I lack
I'm learning to turn my back

Just a nail on the wall
With nothing to show
A blank canvas
Was hung there before
Track Name: Without Concern
We go together like gasoline
And a single match's flame
Ignite the fire in the pit of my soul
With hopes you'd do the same
Mistaken you for medicine
Prescribed to dim the pain
I swallowed you whole I let you in
With hopes you'd do the same
You never did the same

Take all that we felt before
I live to watch you throw me to the floor
I've tried and I've tried
So many times
To make you feel how I feel
Throw the match without concern
And watch me burn

You put the gun in my hands
Convince me one thing
That it's all in my head
Track Name: Hand to Mend
Reality sets in
And broke before your eyes
Not a hand to mend or the will
To convince myself of these lies
I'm torn from the inside out
Your name cuts so deep
I feel your wounds throughout
You cut me inside out
You're far away, your distant
And you can't see the difference
I swore this time was different
But now I think we're losing vision

I can still feel you
Underneath my skin
You're right here with me
Just like you've always been
Tracing back the steps
Is it too late to walk away from this

Cut me off
Let me feel the disconnection
Something we can't come back to
Forced to walk a new direction

When the moon isn't full
It's like a piece is missing
But it's still there just in the dark
And just like you're always with me
Even when I'm torn apart
I'm torn apart

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